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AJ Kochuba

Letter from the Editor

Our Spring 2023 issue focuses on Reproductive Health Justice, an important topic that highlights the inequities people with uteruses face, their fight to maintain autonomy, and the barriers to care they encounter. Female-identifying individuals make up more than half of the population, yet their access to basic healthcare remains contentious. The next generation of healthcare providers has the power to address these disparities. This issue serves as an introduction to the nuanced challenges individuals face in their fight for reproductive justice, providing a starting point for individuals to begin learning how to uphold the rights of all. 


In this issue, you will find pieces across a range of topics related to Reproductive Health Justice. These pieces touch on themes of overturning of Roe v. Wade, menstruation in prisons, mitochondria and maternal health, international adoptions, gestational surrogacy, and more. 


Reproductive healthcare is an essential yet under-discussed component of the wellbeing of all. As care for people with uteruses becomes increasingly politicized, we cannot forget that reproductive wellness is a fundamental human right. Our journal aims to discuss instances where female-identifying individuals are not receiving the care they need. We hope the pieces in our journal serve as a starting point for you to continue thinking about the challenges people with uteruses face when trying to access care. From everyone on the DMEJ team, we thank you for taking the time to read our journal and hope you find the pieces as compelling and thought-provoking as we do.

Thank you for supporting our work and we look forward to continuing to engage in these important conversations going forward!




Priya Meesa & Amber Smith

DMEJ Staff  Spring 2023


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Gorsky - Spring Writer's Piece 2.png

The Culture Clash on Female Gential Mutilation

By: Raphael Lee


Birth Observed and Yet Undistrubed: A Case Study from 1624 to 2014 to 2024

By: Morgan Biele

Roud-1 4-8-23.png

It Takes Two

By: Sophia Roud

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 11.25.09 PM.png

Breaking the Barriers: College Students and Emergency Contraceptives

By: Mariana Bouchan


Keeping the Surrogacy Miracle

By: Zeqi Sun

Sonya - 1.PNG

Ethics to Mitigate the "Menstrual Cycle of Shame" during Ramadan

By: Sonya Eason


Healthy Moms, Healthy Nations

By: Eugene Cho


Examining the Methods of Postpartum Healthcare in the United States

By: Emily Walsh


The Ethics of Maternal Health Disparities in Developing Nations

By: Devin Mulcrone

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