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Letter from the Editor

Our Fall 2022 issue focuses on Medicine for the Marginalized, a broad topic that aims to shed light on the identities and groups that face structural barriers and inequities to achieving quality access to care. As the next generation of students trains to enter careers within the medical field, we value the importance of recognizing the factors that impact the ability of far too many communities to attain the care they need.

In this issue, you will find pieces across a range of topics related to medicine for the marginalized, including gender minority patients, racial and ethnic disparities in Alzheimers, health of First Generation College Students, Rural-Urban Health Disparities, the ethics of medical resource allocation, and more. 


Science and healthcare are dynamic fields that are continuously improving. However, if we do not stop to think about which groups are being left out of scientific advancements and how care must be adapted to support the most vulnerable groups of individuals, the medical field will continue to present inequities. Our journal aims to discuss instances where social determinants of health become visible and emphasize the importance of examining the structures at play that are impacting access and quality of care. We hope the pieces in our journal serve as a starting point for you to continue thinking about the role of social determinants in health. From everyone on the DMEJ team, we thank you for taking the time to read our journal and hope you find the pieces as compelling and thought-provoking as we do.

Thank you for supporting our work and we look forward to continuing to engage in these important conversations going forward!




Priya Meesa & Amber Smith

DMEJ Staff  Spring 2022


Vice President

Chief Design Editor

Social Media Chair

Campus Outreach Chair

Community Outreach Chair

Event Planner

Writer Managing Editor

Blogger Managing Editor


Review Editors

Design Editors


Priyanka Meesa
Amber Smith

Natalie Chou

AJ Kochuba

Annie Bao

Madi McMichael

Eugene Cho

Elissa Gorman

Makayla Gorski

Meera Patel

Alexis Mosu

Chenxinan Ma

Daniel Lee

Emily Walsh

Eugene Cho

Heiley Tai

Makayla Gorski

Mariana Bouchan

Mahi Patel

Morgan Biele

Pranav Kannan

Sonya Eason

Shubhika Munot

Annie Vila

Deven Gupta

Devin Mulcrone

Elissa Gorman

Eric Lee

Eric Wang

Huda Haque

Kelly Ma

Joshua Sarafian

Olivia Ares

Rohan Gupta

Sanjana Anand

Laila Khan-Farooqi

Caroline Palmer

Anne Sacks

Danika Dai

Sam Shi

Sara Be

Joshua Sarafian

Harrison Pham

AJ Kochuba

Shanzeh Sheikh

Alexis Mosu

Catie Fistoe

Acelo Worku

Amber Smith

Harris Upchurch

Eugene Cho

Heiley Tai

Sofia DiFulvio

Priya Meesa

Olivia Fu

Simone Nabors

Libby Gough

Ariha Mehta

Shaily Pal

Kidest Wolde

Alejandra Gonzalez-Acosta

Diego Diaz

Caroline Metz

Tochi Oneugbu

Laura Wang

Abby Cortez

Jaden Sacks

Simone Nabors

Saisha Dhar

Shubhika Munot

Jennifer Nguyen

Anna Chen

Marshlee Eugene

Meera Patel

Olivia Kim

Dhanasheel Muralidharan

Kidest Wolde

Rhiannon Eplett

Zeqi Sun

Heiley Tai


Gorsky - Spring Writer's Piece 2.png
Mosu Graphic 2.png

How Gender Bias and Andronormativity Affects Women in Healthcare

By: Alexis Mosu

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Alzheimer's disease and related dementia

By: Chenxinan Ma

Untitled_Artwork 2.JPEG

The Current State of Modern Healthcare Regarding Sexual Gender Minority Patients
Where we are and where we need to be

Walsh Graphic 1.png

Examining the Marginalization of Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals in the United States 

By: Emily Walsh

By: Daniel Lee

Cho Graphic 1.png

Determining Health for the Marginalized

By: Eugene Cho

Tai Graphic 1.JPG

The Role, Impact, and Legacy of Thalidomide in Manufacturing Health Inequalities

By: Heiley Tai

Eason graphic 1.png

We Should Not Discount the Elderly in Medical Resource Allocation

By: Sonya Eason

Gorski Graphic 1.png

First-Generation College Student Health: Disparities and Ethical Implications of Intervention

By: Makayla Gorski


Inequity In Dermatological Healthcare

By: Mariana Bouchan

Patel graphic 1.png

The Impact of Rapid Advancements of Health Technology on Marginalized Populations

By: Mahi Patel

Healing in Nature: Rural-Urban Health Disparity in The Past and Present U.S.

By: Morgan Biele

Vaccine Hoarders: How Vaccine Nationalism Has Led to Inequity and Possible Solutions

By: Pranav Kannan

Munot Graphic 1.png

Ethics of Medical Resource Allocation

By: Shubhika Munot

Many thanks to The John Spencer Bassett Memorial Fund for financially supporting our website!

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