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AJ Kochuba & Ariha Mehta

Letter from the Editor

Our Spring 2024 issue explores the ethical implications behind end of life care and aging. For many of us in college, death and aging might seem distant, and almost abstract. Our days are full of classes, time with friends, and new adventures. However, in a world that is constantly changing, it’s important to engage in conversations about life’s natural transitions and the care we provide to those at the end of their journey. These subjects may make us uncomfortable, however, they are central to the human experience. 


In this edition, our writers have thoughtfully examined a range of topics from society’s views on aging and dying to who will be the caregivers for those at the end of their lives. We hope this digital collection of Duke undergraduate work sheds light on the role of death and aging in our lives and in the lives of others. While the media often portrays end of life care with dramatic narratives, we aim to shift the focus to the patient’s own perspective, exploring their unique experiences. We hope that our pieces can encourage meaningful conversations, while acknowledging the multiple layers that make up the topics of end of life care and mortality. 


The DMEJ team appreciates you for taking the time to enjoy our ninth issue and for your continued support. Perhaps, our issue will encourage you to think about your own relationship with mortality, as well as to engage in meaningful conversations with those in your community about death and aging. Above all, we aim to create a safe space for reflection, discussion, and the sharing of experiences. 


Thank you for joining us in exploring these challenging but necessary topics. 






Makayla Gorski & Eugene Cho

DMEJ Staff  Spring 2024


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Gorsky - Spring Writer's Piece 2.png
Yurika Sakai_Graphic1.png

Caring for Caregivers

By Yurika Sakai

Michelle Hsiung_Graphic1.png

Easing the Journey: Pain Management and Palliative Perspectives in End-of-Life Care

By Michelle Hsiung

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 10.20.18 PM.png

The Overlooked Tragedy of Elder Abuse in America

By Anushka Goel


Unveiling the Hidden Bias: Ageism’s Impact on Healthcare and Its Ripple Effects

By Julia Williams


Who Decides Care? Consent and Ethics of End-of-Life Care in Elderly Populations

By Ahilan Eraniyan


Navigating End of Life Treatment Options

By Devin Mulcrone

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