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Letter from the Editor

Our Fall 2021 issue is about the post-COVID era. Specifically, life after the pandemic alarm bells stop ringing and COVID no longer causes widespread lockdowns. The issue questions what a return to normalcy means in an age where normal has been changed forever.  On one hand, the "post-pandemic" world is an exciting return to reality, but not without a host of ethical challenges in the medical field.


In this issue, you will find pieces on telemedicine, vaccine ethics, medical multilingualism, among other fascinating topics.  


The pandemic has highlighted existing disparities in the healthcare system and beyond and posed new questions as we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory in our transition back to “normalcy.” We hope the pieces in our journal help you gain new insights into the ethical challenges of our "post-pandemic" world. From everyone on the DMEJ team, we thank you for taking the time to read our journal and hope you find the pieces as compelling and thought-provoking as we do. 


Thank you, 

Priya Meesa & Sibani Ram


DMEJ Staff  Fall 2021


Vice President

Chief Design Editor

Social Media Chair

Outreach Chair

Event Planner

Review Editors

Design Editors

Priya Meesa
Sibani Ram
Natalie Chou

Amber Smith

Annie Bao

Madi McMichael

Elissa Gorman

Danika Dai
Elissa Gorman
Laura Wang
Sara Be
Michael Lee
Sophia Cary
Jennifer Xu
Hang (Sam) Shi
Rishi Chilappa
Sajan Singh
Min Ju Lee
Olivia Ares
Isabella Garcia
Maia Kotelanski

Harris Upchurch
Eugene Cho
AJ Kochuba
Acelo Worku
Jennifer Nguyen
Heiley Tai
Shanzeh Sheikh
Sibani Ram
Amber Smith
Natalie Chou
Priya Meesa
Kidest Wolde

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