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AJ Kochuba

Letter from the Editor

Our Fall 2023 issue explores how technology is changing healthcare and the ethical implications of these digital remedies.  In an age where many Americans obtain news via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, health specialists face the challenge of finding new, engaging, ways to disseminate health information and of combating widely-available misinformation. Even within medical systems, new advancements, such as MyChart, are shifting the healthcare landscape for patients and providers. From precision medicine techniques to the impact of digital narratives, the pieces in this issue survey some of the newest advances in technology and medicine.


The beneficial role of technology in improving accessibility to care and medical information is proven; not all advances do harm. That being said, as new digital solutions to age-old problems revolutionize the field of medicine, further improvements cannot be made without evaluating the repercussions of such remedies. We hope this digital collection of Duke undergraduate work sheds light on the role of technology in sharing information and improving the accessibility of healthcare, all while warning of its shortcomings. 


The DMEJ team thanks you for taking the time to enjoy our eighth issue and for your continued support. We hope you learn something new, make connections to your experiences navigating the modern digital landscape, and reflect back on this publication the next time you direct message your provider with a question, Google your symptoms, or enjoy an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. 


We look forward to additional thought-provoking discussions of medical ethics in future issues. 






Makayla Gorski & Eugene Cho

DMEJ Staff  Fall 2023


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Gorsky - Spring Writer's Piece 2.png

MyChart: Expanding Accessibility to Healthcare

By Devin Mulcrone


The Grey's Anatomy Effect: Unraveling the Impact of Medical Drama Shows on Patient Perspectives and Healthcare Systems

Alexander Nelson 1 Final.png

Redefining ownership: barriers to Ad-lib CRISPR

By Xander Nelson


Navigating Crossroads: Beneficence as Autonomy’s Antithesis in DNR Decisions

By Moayad Shehadeh

By Julia Williams


Ethical Dichotomy of Gene Engineering: The Capabilities and Dangers of New Genetic Technology


From WebMD to Well-being: The Implications of Self-Diagnosis of Mental Health

By Nam Ho

By Vishruth Hanumaihgari


Can TikTok Doctors Cure the Health Infodemic?

By Yurika Sakai


An Overview of Current Physician-Assisted Suicide Policy in the US

By Annabel Tang


Neurophilosophy of Memory Editing: The Ethical Labyrinth of Altering Human Thought

By Aditi Iyer


Digital Actions, Real World Implications: The Effects of Medical Misinfo Online on Health

By Ahilan Eraniyan

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