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   Duke Medical Ethics Journal   

Thank you for your interest!

Thank you so much for your interest in joining us! We are currently actively seeking new members, and no matter what skill set or interests you have, we have a place for you. Below are descriptions of different positions available to new members. If there is one (or more) that you would like to apply for, please email the president, Megan Zhao, directly with the following information: 

Email your submissions to Megan Zhao,

***All submissions must be received by Sunday, August 30th (end of second week of class) 

1. What position (s) you are interested in (please rank from most to least interested if applying for more than one)

2. Your graduation year and what major(s)/minor(s) you are considering 

3. 1-2 examples of what you consider to be your best work.

         If you are applying to be a Writer, please include at least one research paper.

         If you are applying to be a Design editor, please include at least one visual piece. 

         If you are applying to be a blogger/reporter, submit any piece of writing you want! 

         If you are applying to be a social media officer, include one example of online advertising/promotion you have done                 (not required if you don't have an example) 

Writers - will submit a one paragraph “pitch” for the article that they want to write for this year’s issue. After the pitch is accepted, writers will conduct research for their piece, write their piece, and work with the editors to fine tune their piece. 


Editors - this team will work with the writers and reporters to fine tune their pieces before publishing. 


Design Editors - responsible for visual appearance of our publication, including but not limited to graphics, color scheme, layout, and additional responsibilities may include helping the reporters and social media officers with the visual appeal of their posts. 


Reporter/Blogger - we will aim to publish 2 blog posts per week depending on how many people are interested in being a reporter. Each reporter will be responsible for writing a 500-600 word piece every other week (subject to change according to interest) on a current event, technological innovation, or other issue pertaining to medical ethics. The piece will give a summary of the issue and the reporter will give then present their own opinion(s) on the issue. 


Social Media/Marketing - Each week the social media officers will work with the reporters to identify which event/innovation/issue they want to focus on. The social media officers will then create an Instagram post related to this issue, pose an ethical question related to the issue, and solicit responses to what should be done in this particular situation. Those who respond will be entered into a raffle for Duke swag at the end of each month. 

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